M A A I K E S E E G E R S 




                           the making of the tableware                    

                                                Temporary Tub



I believe the process of making tableware is at least as interesting as the end product, but normally it is not visible.

In Meltware, process and product collide.


The stoneware carafe, bowl and spoon Iíve created are not just pieces of tableware but they also function as molds to make tableware made from Carnaubawax.

This wax is a hard, natural, waterproof and reusable material extracted from the leafs of the Carnauba palm tree.

The tree produces the wax to protect itself against dehydration.

With this material, which is normally used as a food coating, in cosmetics and others,

I developed a production process.


By heating the wax in the pan it will liquefy, and can be poured into the molds to create cups, bowl, plates and spoons. With Meltware you can cook your own crockery and because the pieces of tableware can be melted again,

the arrangement of the tableware is variable. You can make what you need.


The material is hard, but fragile so the wax tableware pieces have to be handled with care and are not suitable for hot liquids and food.